GOPaddy Campbell. 

  Landscape Painter

Rossendale Valley

The Pennine hills dominate the landscape of East Lancashire.  

They add altitude and attitude to the sky and the people.

Towers and bleak moors look down on the crowded valleys.

'Sunset over water'

Oil on Canvas 90 X 90cm

A watery Sun and a misty murk over the reservoirs of Rossendale.

The Sky scuds along and drags the land along. Dramatic clouds reflect the setting Sun and throw light on the land.

Bright and delightful at the end of another great walk on Todmorden Moor.

This Sky was a pleasure to paint and fun to get home on the back of the bike !

The Pennine Moors. Oil on canvas 80cm X 80cm

Fort Houmet Herbe, Aldertney.  

40 X 40cm Oils on canvas.

Summer Holiday and off to Alderney for a spot of fishing and fort spotting.

'The Sky over Tod Moor'

The Sun does some funny things to the Sky here ! 

 Oils on canvas  90x90cm

Oil landscape painting with Sky and zing to blow you away. all done on the hoof.  Scotts Pine and a calm  reservoir high up on the tops of Rossendale 120cm x 80cm.

Valleys covered in fine white snow and beautiful.  The meadows spring in to action and the sky scuds along, bright and breezy .  

The first crack of Winter is on its way. Winter is coming!

It's grim up North !

Bright painting of the bright Pennines. Dark Sky and shafts of light. The summer is coming and time for a swim and a sunbathe on Britain's highest beach.

Oil painting, nice and bright 50x30cm-ish

Fire in the Sky !  With some fantastic effects of the Summer Sun.
90x90cm Oil painting
I Love Trees.
A splendid new adventure in sculpture starts with a lovely Beech tree blown over by summer winds.  The soft greenwood is a pleasure to sculpt and the smell of fresh melon is in the air.  

The result is a great reclining figure with the contours of the wind tattooed on the skin.